Laboratory Calibration

Calibration Solutions provides service and support on SuperPave, Nuclear Gauge, Soil/Aggregate/Asphalt, Temperature, Mass, and Concrete/Force devices.  Call (512) 218-5988  today or click the “Request/Schedule Service” button below to request or schedule service.

Concrete/Force Testing Equipment


  • TestMark, Forney, ELE, Tinius, Olson, Brainard Kilman Testing Machines
  • Micrometers
  • Capping Apparartus
  • Hydraulic Ram
  • Skidmore Bolt Tester
  • Post Tension Stress Jacks
  • Airmeters

Nuclear Gauge

  • InstroTek, Troxler, Humboldt, CPN (Instro Tek)
  • Full 3 Block calibration
  • Full electronic inspection and adjustment
  • Cleaning and  lubrication
  • All repair and calibration completed on-site at customer facility
Gilson Soil Equipment


  • GeoTac and GeoComp Soil testing Equipment (Load, Pressure/Vacuum Dimensional)
  • Load Cells/Proving Ring
  • Direct Shear
  • LVDT’s Dial, Indicators, Calipers
  • Permeability Boards
  • Marshall Equipment
  • Proctor Equipment
  • Molds
  • Consolidation Apparatus (Weights, Deformation, Dial or LVDT)


  • Pine, Rainhart, Troxler SuperPave Gyratorys
  • Calibration Kit for Gyratorys
  • Mold calibration


  • Scales and Balances (ADAM, OHAVS, AND, Sartorius)
  • Mass Verification
Temperature Ovens


  • NCAT Furnace (Temp, Balance and cleaning)
  • Forced Air Ovens
  • Thermometers
  • Chart Recorders